Art is a spiritual pursuit!


True art is from the heart and should be a reflection of you!

Don't try to be like someone else.


 Only YOU can create your art!

Art is wonderful!

Art is amazing!


Everyone can appreciate art,  but, there are those of us who feel a deep need to create art, too!  Sometimes, though, we need a little help and inspiration to start us on our way.  Hopefully, you can gain that inspiration right here at the Fuzzy Duckling!

Check out our new "Learning to Draw" Video Series!

Start out learning to hold your pencil, drawing straight lines, how to draw circles, and many more techniques.  This series is for ages 8 through adult.























































Relax and let the feathers fly!

Welcome to the Fuzzy Duckling!

Feel free to upload photos of your finished coloring pictures and projects to our Facebook Page.  Some of our favorites will be "hung" in our very own Fuzzy Duckling Art Galleries.

Great puppet idea by Luke and Will!

Coloring Pages for ALL Ages!


Perhaps you don't have time to draw your own art work but you really enjoy painting and coloring.  Try out our coloring pages, free to download, print on your own printer, color and enjoy.  These are for all ages and skill levels, so relax and have fun!  Here is just a sample!

Learning Center


This section will contain all kinds of tutorials about drawing, scrapbooking, and crafts to use with your art.

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