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Learn to Draw Your First Whimsical Abstract Drawing

This is a fun little piece that was done with pen and then blended with Prismacolor Colored Pencils.


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What is a Whimsical Abstract Drawing?


An abstract drawing uses shapes, colors, and textures to define feelings and thoughts.  It does not attempt to portray objects in a life-like manner.    A whimsical abstract drawing is fun and lighthearted.  Whimsical art should make you smile!


Abstract art can be so much fun once you learn to let go of your preconceived ideas of how things should look.  You must learn to enjoy the shapes, colors, and textures rather than the photogenic reality of your picture.


On the Fuzzy Duckling we are calling this type of art just that - Whimsical Abstracts.  We will fill these drawings with designs called "whimsies".  Watch for links throughout this tutorial that will give you more information on how to draw these delightful little shapes and designs.


Step One

Draw a squiggle!  A large, simple squiggle that almost fills your page.  Don't make it like mine - draw your own shape.  And, don't put a lot of thought into it, just let your pencil go.

Step Two

Count the sections in your shape.  I wanted at least 4, so I added a line to divide one of my bigger sections.

Step Three

In this tutorial we are going to start out with some very simple "whimsies".  Choose one of your sections and fill it with circles.

Drawing Circle Whimsies.

Step Four

There are several different ways to use circles as design elements (whimsies).  I chose to color the background black and leave the circles to color later.

Step Five

I decided to do a simple checkerboard whimsy on the top section.  You can learn how to do this whimsy here!

Step Six

I colored in my checkerboard with black pen.

Step Seven

Scallops done in a fish scale pattern seemed like a good idea for another section.  Scallop Tutorial

Step Eight

A dark center was added to each scallop to add interest.

Step Nine

A flower whimsy was added to the last section.  Drawing a flower whimsy.  Drawing a leaf whimsy.

Step Ten

More circles were added around the flower to fill in the empty spaces.

Also, little dots were added to the white squares of the checkerboard.

Step Eleven

Some words were added around the edges.  You do not have to use these words - write something special that you like!

Step Twelve

Add as many other designs as you like!  I added some scallops, spirals and little straight lines topped with small dots.

Step Thirteen

You can leave your whimsy as a pencil or pen drawing or color it in with the media of your choice.

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