The Fuzzy Duckling

Learning to Draw a Basic Whimsical Cat


Learning to draw can be SO much fun! Here are some tips to help you on your way!


1.  Take your time!  Don't try to hurry to get things done.  The real enjoyment is in the time you actually take to create your work of art.


2.  Have your tools all ready to go.  Gather your pencil (sharpened), paper, and erasure before you start.


3.  Make sure you work in a space with good lighting.  How can you draw a great picture if you can't see it?


4. When you first start, sketch your lines lightly because you will need to erase some of your first lines.


5.  After you have completed your drawing, erase any unwanted lines.  Grab a Sharpie and trace over your completed drawing.  Add designs and shapes of your choice.  Color in.


6. You can download a printed copy of these Instructions here!

Step One

Draw a large candy corn shape in the center of your page.

Step Two

Draw two fat egg shapes for feet.

Step Three

Draw two half eggs for the hind feet.

Step Four

Draw a big curvy shape from the top of one foot to the other.  This makes his legs.

Step Five

Draw two leaf shapes on top for his ears.

Step Six

Draw two circles for eyes.

Step Seven

Draw a small triangle like a piece of pie right under the eyes for his nose.

Step Eight

Draw two curvy lines for a mouth.

Step Nine

Add a tail on one side.

Step Ten

Draw two little curves at the top of the eyes for eyelids.

Step Eleven

Draw an almond shape in each eye for the pupils.

Step Twelve

Draw a little rectangle in each eye for a catchlight.

Step Thirteen

Color the pupils black but leave the catchlight white.

Step Fourteen

Draw a slightly curved line through the center of each ear.

Step Fifteen

Erase the small line on the inner bottom of each ear.

Step Sixteen

Draw a small curve on each side of his nose for nostrils.

Step Seventeen

Draw three straight lines on each side of his mouth for whiskers.

Step Eighteen

If you wish, draw some lines for eyebrows.

Step Nineteen

Erase the center line in his foot.

Step Twenty

Draw a puffy almond shape in the center of each front foot.

Step Twenty-One

Draw a curvy line in the center of each back foot.

Step Twenty-Two

Add some claws to his feet.

Example One

Add some simple designs and color.

Color Me

Example Two

Or, add more elaborate  designs for a more unique cat and color.

Color Me

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