Clipmarks - (Paper Clip Bookmarks)


Clipmarks are GREAT!


Clipmarks are handy to have around for several different reasons.


1.  Use them as bookmarks in books, journals and calendars.


2.  Add them to your homemade cards as an added little gift.


3.  Use them on your scrapbooking pages or altered books.


4.  Make several and give as gifts.  Add them to a journal for an interesting and different gift idea.




Paper Clips - your choice of size (I like the medium to larger size)

Buttons, charms, little flowers, etc.

Super Glue



Tin Snips (for breaking the shanks off of some buttons)  Optional

Awl or large needle (for holding things in place while you glue) Optional

Here are a few I just made!

Paper clips come in several different sizes from tiny to 4 or 5 inches long.    You choose which ones you would like to use.

You need very few supplies to make these cute clipmarks.  Most of these are things you probably have around the house already.

Be sure and glue your embellishment to the "skinny" end of the paper clip - otherwise you won't be able to slide it onto your paper.

Take a look through your button box or the craft section at the store.  There are dozens of cute or beautiful buttons which make great clipmarks.  There are two kinds of buttons to watch out for.

Smooth backed button.

Shank backed button.

Smooth backed buttons or charms are great to use just as they are, but, you will have to do some work on shanked backed buttons in order to use them.

This is where you will need to use your tin snips or wire cutters to "snip" the shank off.  Only try this on plastic buttons, though.  You can usually tell if the shank is made of plastic or metal.  Most of the cute, colorful buttons you buy today are made of plastic.

Next cut a matching color of felt just a bit larger than your button.

Lay your button on top of the felt and cut around your button as closely as possible.

Lay your felt piece down and hold it with your large needle.  Cover the felt with super glue.  Be careful!!!  Don't get the glue on your fingers - It smarts!  I know, because I got it on four fingers!  If younger kids are making this craft be sure and have adults apply the glue.


Quickly, place the "skinny" end of your paper clip on the felt.  Place a few more drops of glue right on the paper clip itself.


Now, place your button on top of the felt/paper clip sandwich.  Press down hard.   Be sure and loosen your clip from the surface it was laying on because the glue will seep through the felt and stick to that surface.  Let dry.


Your clipmark is now ready to use or give as a gift.


Take some pictures of your clipmarks and share them with our Facebook friends.

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