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Fuzzy Duckling Art Galleries


This is a great place to see what others are doing, get inspiration or color ideas.  People from every age and skill level have their artwork hung in our galleries.


You can send us a photo of your artwork at our Facebook page. Your work may be chosen to be "hung" right here in our Fuzzy Duckling Galleries.  Be sure and include what media you used and if you are one of our "younger" artists or a "more mature" one.  If you are younger let us know your age or grade in school.  Age is optional for adults but please label yourself as "adult".  This is so encouraging to other adults which may hesitate to show their art.



Kid's Art Gallery


Teen & Adult Gallery


Luke's Gallery


Will's Gallery


Owen's Gallery


Kada's Gallery


How do I get my own Art Gallery?


If you have colored, drawn or painted 12 or more pictures and they have been hung in our gallery, you will get your very own Fuzzy Duckling Art Gallery!

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