Making Your Own Large Portfolio Case

This handy case is made from a cardboard Project Board that can be purchased at your local big box store or office supply for just a few dollars.  It may not be pretty but it works well for most oversized items.

Step One - Gather Supplies

You will need:

One project board

Six paper fasteners - 1 inch long


Pen or pencil




Hole punch (awl, ice pick or large needle will do, too)

Step Two - Measure

Measure 6 inches from the top of your board.  Then measure one inch over from the center edge.  Mark this spot with a pencil or pen.  Mark both side of the flaps.


Measure 6 inches from the bottom and do the same.


Make marks in the exact middle of your board.


You should have six dots all together.

Step Four - Tie a Knot

Cut three pieces of twine about 10 inches long. With one piece your twine tie a double knot around one of your paper fasteners. ( You can use ribbons, braid or string, also.)

Step Six - Repeat

Do the same in the hole across from your first paper fastener.

Step Eight - Tape it

Place tape over the undersides of your paper fasteners.  This will keep your artwork from being scratched up.  I just had painter tape on hand when I made mine, but you could use duct tape or the pretty designed tape, too.

I use mine for large pieces of artwork and specialty papers that I keep for mixed media work and scrapbooking.

Six Dots

If you measured right, you should have three sets of two dots.

Step Three - Punch Holes

Punch a hole at each dot location.  The hole should be big enough so that your paper fastener can fit through easily but not so big that it falls through.

Step Five - Hole in One

Place your fastener in one of your holes.  Bend the back "arms" firmly in place but leave space on the top for your twine.

Step Seven - Wind It

Continue for all six holes.  Wind the twine around the second fastener instead of knotting it. Unwind the twine to open the case - wind the twine to fasten it closed!

You are finished!  Enjoy this great, easy storage solution!


Organizing Your Art Supplies


There are all sizes of art papers and canvases from teeny-tiny to huge.  We must find storage solutions for all of these sizes if we wish to keep our artwork in pristine condition.


This tutorial will show you one economical and easy way to store your larger pictures and papers.  You could even store things like large photographs or blueprints in this neat portfolio case.


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